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Jamborette Nssq 2010 
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Time and place:
July 19.-28. 2010—61.8.55.N  45.22.20 V
Participant profile:
Guides and scouts turning 12 in 2010 and scouts above this age.
The participation fee is 5,000 DKR pr. person. Furthermore there are travel fees for return air tickets  Copenhagen/Narsarsuaq of 7-8,000 DKR pr. person. Participation fee + air ticket is in total 12-13,000 DKR. A price reduction on the air ticket of 1,500-2,000 DKR might be achieved, in which case this will be announced in December 2009.
Participation fee of 5,000 DKR covers:
Board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) - 1 t-shirt with the Jamborette logo - a sailing trip to Qassiarsuk (Brattahlid) and on to the ice fiord Qooqqut - activities (kayaking, abseiling, a trip to the ice cap on foot, trout fishing, and more) during the Jamborette. Activities such as helicopter trips and trips to the fiords with tourist boats are at your own expense.
Enrolment is done by going to where you can download the entry form and send it to: or fax it to 00299 321945 or send it by regular post to:
Greenland Guide and Scout Association
Norlernut 43
Box 799
3900 Nuuk
Payment of participation fee:
The participation fee of 5,000 DKR is split in 2 instalments.
Payment of the 1st instalment: March 1 2010, 2,500 DKR.
Payment of the 2nd instalment: May 1 2010, 2,500 DKR.
Travel information:
Greenlandic Guide and Scout Association will during the month of February 2010 come with additional information regarding air travel.
Facts about South Greenland:
South Greenland is not called “The garden of Greenland” without a reason. It’s green and lush, the climate in the deep fiords is warm, and it’s possible to grow crops such as potatoes, rhubarbs and carrots. Furthermore, South Greenland is agricultural land and a lot of people live as shepherds. That’s why, during summer, you will often encounter sheep on trips in the mountains. South Greenland is also the place where Erik the Red settled and founded the Scandinavian settlement in 985 AD. All over this area it’s possible to find ruins and remains of the Scandinavians who lived in South Greenland and further to the north in  the Nuuk area for about 500 years. The disappearing of the Scandinavians from South Greenland remains a mystery where some think that the climate got worse and resulted in the emigration from Greenland back to e.g. Iceland and Norway.
During summer the day temperature easily goes beyond 15 degrees and in the lee and in the sun the temperature can reach above 20 degrees.  In the fiords there is continental climate which results in a warm and stable climate during summer and a freezing cold weather during winter.
The fiord system in South Greenland gives lots of opportunities for nature experiences.
During the Jamborette you will have a complete day at your own disposal—a day off—so you will have the opportunity to sail to surrounding cities. The surrounding cities are Narsaq, the pearl of South Greenland, Qaqortoq, South Greenland’s biggest city which also has a fountain, and Nanortalik with its hot spring and many villages and shepherds. Full day sailing with a tourist boat including a visit to surrounding cities and villages/shepherds costs about 150-450 DKR depending on the destination.
Activities during Jamborette 2010 in Narsarsuaq:
Hiking in impressive natural resorts
Trips to the inland ice
Visit to a sheep farm
Renovation of older buildings
Helicopter trips
Trips to the mountains
Sailing trips in the fiords of the Narsarsuaq area
Trout fishing in rivers
Other things alike
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